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Notícias Nacionais / 20/04/2021


Paulo Gustavo has improved lung function and moves his head

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Paulo Gustavo has improved lung function and moves his head

One day at a time! Gradually, Paulo Gustavo begins to show signs of improvement. A new medical bulletin released on Monday, 19, shows that he showed improvement in lung functions and that he begins to respond to small stimuli.

The situation is still serious, but at least there were no new complications, according to the document released by the actor's press office.

“Fortunately, there have been no further complications in the past four days. The clinical picture of the patient, although still worrying, is one of stability, with some more evident signs of recovery of pulmonary functions. We also verified good responsiveness to small stimuli ”, says an excerpt the bulletin.

The document also says Paulo Gustavo still needs to use ECMO (oxygenation therapy by extracorporeal membrane) and mechanical ventilation.

He moved his head

The doctor, friend and filmmaker Susana Garcia, also made an emotional and exciting post on social media on Monday.

She said she “talked” to the actor and that he showed signs of reaction during a visit this Sunday, the 18th. He shook his head and shook Susana's hand.

“As soon as I arrived, I started talking to you and I saw that your heart rate and breathing rate increased at the time. I asked you if you were listening to me and I asked you to move your head. You fiddled twice and tried to open your mouth. I held hands with you and asked you to shake my hand and you squeezed weakly. At that moment, I realized that you were connected with me and listening to me ”, wrote the director.

“I was moved to want to cry, but I couldn't cry. I took a deep breath and started to say happy things. I said how much you are recovering and how we all miss you. I spoke the name of each one of your family, how much they love you. Dea and Ju pray all day for you. I said that Thales is there with you all the time. That doesn't let go of you. Every day. The whole day."

Susana also stated: “And as I was talking, I asked if you were listening to me and you were shaking your head. I told you that your friends pray for you all day. I talked about Brazil all praying for you. I said that you bring people together through affection, through love ”.

Affection of the medical team

She also said that it is exciting to see the affection of nurses with Paulo Gustavo and that she felt “willing to share this joy and her progress with everyone”.

"[...] A nurse told me something that touched me: she said that the comment in the hospital is that the day you leave, the ICU corridor will not be wide enough to receive everyone who will be applauding you," he wrote.

Message husband

Thales Bretas also celebrated Paulo Gustavo's slight improvement with this beautiful text:

“I am very happy that you, with your enormous strength, have been overcoming so many obstacles and improving a little each day. Who knew that you, who are so fast for everything, would require a slower pace of yourself, a slowdown for your recovery ?! Your body is a fortress, and your soul is light as a feather! I miss your joy and your presence at home. But for two days I have been feeling her again in the hospital, with her little interactions, reinforcing how much we are still next to each other, on the road of life! In health and disease, in joy and sadness ... nothing will separate us, we are firmly holding hands !! I love you my warrior, life partner, waiting for your return in our family! With a lot of faith and calm! ”

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