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Esportes e Lazer / 28/07/2020

See When Major Sports Competitions Will Return After Coronavirus

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Olympics, Champions League, Libertadores, NBA, NFL, Tennis and much more, find out the forecast for the return of activities in the main leagues of the planet

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Shutdown of football championships all over the planet, interruption of the NBA, postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games. World sport is also suffering the coronavirus pandemic. And the main effect will be on the coffers. According to a study released by CNN Brasil Business, and carried out by the consultancy Sports Value, the loss of sport in 2020 may reach US $ 15 billion, not to mention the negative effects of not having the Olympics.

The account made by the consultancy specialized in sports marketing considered values ​​that are already behind, regardless of whether or not the events will take place on future dates. According to Sports Value, sales of game tickets that will no longer be played, as well as television rights, a reduction in the marketing of official products the leagues and clubs involved, as well as a reduction in sponsorship, are added to the sum.

The prospects for the resumption of competitions around the world are not encouraging. Since there is no clear prediction of when the pandemic will pass, there is no way to plan or predict anything for sure for the next few days or weeks. Leaders, athletes, federations, in short, all discuss a better way out of the crisis and how to mitigate the financial crisis, which is plaguing everyone.

Brazilian and South American Football

In the case of Brazilian football, CBF has not officially released anything yet. Behind the scenes, leaders talk about the possibility of resuming the championships the second half of July, depending on the evolution of Covid-19 across the country. Top hats and coaches are always discussing the measures to be taken, by videoconferences.

Some even raised the possibility of resuming competitions, national and state, with closed gates, but the idea has not left the paper and, for now, everything is still. The main state championships were interrupted in mid-March, with some others being played with closed gates. Later on, all the federations decided to follow the CBF and completely suspended their tournaments.

The leaders work with some possibilities:

The country's health authorities are working scientifically with official information that the biggest peak of the coronavirus will occur at the end of April.

May would be the month the virus spread with some slowness.

The problem may be solved at the beginning of the second half of June.

The return to work would take place until the first half of July for a pre-season of a maximum of 15 days.

Football, according to a forecast that the CBF does not officially confirm, would be in late July and early August.

If the forecast comes close to what the leaders imagine at the moment, CBF will enter with its decision on the Brazilian Championship and the Brazil Cup, leaving the federations to resolve their states. Throughout this period, the confederation proposes to resolve or help some financial issues with clubs and federations, in addition to working on the calendar.

On Monday (6), CBF announced a financial contribution of approximately R $ 19 million, for clubs in series C and D of the Brazilian Championship, in addition to clubs in series A1 and A2 of the women's Brasileirão. “140 clubs will benefit this Tuesday”.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented moment of global crisis, the extent and consequences of which cannot yet be estimated. It is therefore necessary to act with discretion and responsibility. Our goal, with these new measures, is to provide immediate direct assistance. But, in addition, we have to continue working to ensure the resumption of Brazilian football in the shortest possible time, when activities can be normalized ”, said the president of CBF, Rogério Caboclo, to the entity's website.

Outside the country, Conmebol (South American Football Confederation) has no prospect of resuming the competitions in dispute: Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. The director of club competitions for the organization, the Brazilian Frederico Nantes, said that the confederation has no estimate of when the tournaments may be held again.

In an online lecture held by Ibmec faculty, the director stressed, however, that the entity tries to work with different possibilities, but none concrete. “What are we doing: we work with different scenarios, starting in May, June, July… What projection do we make? None. You can't make any projections right now, ”said Nantes.

European Football

As for Europe, trying to find ways to end European competitions, UEFA has set a maximum deadline for concluding the Champions League: three August. If the coronavirus pandemic is controlled in the old continent, playoff games can be played in a single game and on the same days as national championships.

In an interview with German broadcaster ‘ZDF’, Aleksander Ceferin, president of the organization, explained about the matter. “We can play with the current system or play a game air at home, outside or neutral field. But now it's just theory. The Champions League should end on August 3, it is an extraordinary situation. We can play on the same dates as the local championships, at the same time, we must be flexible ”, said the manager.

Despite the idea, he confirms that UEFA's priority is in the health of the players. The matches will only take place with medical clearance and responsibility national governments. The main European leagues, such as the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish championships also have no return forecast.

The Copa America and Euro Cup, which would be played this year, have already been postponed to 2021. The South American competition will be in Colombia and Argentina, and will be held between June 11 and July 10, 2021, with the same groups and format, previously defined. The European competition will take place between June 11th and July 11th of next year.

Olympics postponed

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially confirmed that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held between 23 July and 8 August 2021. The postponement came after much resistance the Japanese government and the IOC, but pressure athletes , managers and fans spoke louder.

The Olympics was delayed last week due to the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, the ceremony was scheduled for July 24 this year. The Tokyo Paralympic Games also have a new date confirmed: August 24, 2021 to September 5, 2021.


The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) gave different directions to the men's and women's Super Leagues. While the men's competition was suspended, with a new analysis being made of its future, in the middle of this month, the women's competition was ended, without having a declared champion. The clubs made the decision, by videoconference. CBV wanted to end both, but as the question was put to a vote, the men's championship clubs decided to review the issue with a month's deadline.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver said on Monday that the next few weeks will be one of uncertainty surrounding the 2019/2020 season in the NBA, interrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak, revealing that he does not expect the league to be able to make any decision until at least may.

Silver spoke through the NBA's Twitter account. He covered many topics, including how the league is evaluating the numerous scenarios for a return, but in all cases uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic makes a decision impossible.

In Brazil, the National Basketball League (LNB) decided last March 26, after a meeting between the entity's Council, representatives of the 16 participating clubs and the Association of Professional Basketball Athletes (AAPB), in São Paulo, anticipate the end of the NBB classification phase, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the championship paralyzed since March 15th, after the game between Unifacisa and São Paulo, the table still predicted the realization of 33 more games until the end of the second round. In an official note, the LNB reported that the 2019/2020 season will continue the playoffs, but still without a date for the resumption of matches.

Formula 1

The 2020 Formula 1 season was also totally affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the organization recognized in the main category of motorsport. Hours after announcing the postponement of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, initially scheduled for June 7, the organization admitted that the year will have 15 to 18 races, with the original calendar predicting 22.

Eight races have already been affected by Covid-19: GPs in Australia and Monaco have been canceled, while those in Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Holland, Spain and Azerbaijan are postponed, with no set dates. The entity has not yet defined when the competition will actually start.


According to the investigation of networks such as NBC, Bloomberg and ESPN, there is an expectation that the main North American leagues can be played August, in the United States, although no deadline has been presented at the moment.

Chief stewards of the four major sports leagues Adam Silver (NBA), Roger Goodell (NFL), Rob Manfred (MLB) and Gary Bettman (NHL) were among the participants in the meeting, which took place last weekend, which also included WNBA representatives, as well as managers football, golf, motorsport and professional fights such as the UFC and WWE. There were no representatives of tennis or college sports.

After the meeting with officials, US President Donald Trump received journalists at the White House and was asked about the possibility of resuming the routine of sporting events in August, so that the NFL (professional football league) season is not affected.

"It would be great if we could," said the American president. “I can't give you a date, but I think it will happen sooner or later. We want people back to the arenas. Once we are ready, obviously, ”reinforced Trump.


No aces, winners and rallies in the coming months. The pandemic of COVID-19, the new coronavirus, sets the biggest obstacle to the realization of the international tennis circuit since the Second World War. Announced last Wednesday (1st), the cancellation of Wimbledon imposes a challenge that includes tennis players not only in the top 100, ranking range of the classified for Grand Slams.

Failure to hold the British tournament for the first time in 75 years has extended the stoppage of the circuit. The suspension period started on March 13 was extended June 8 to July 13, totaling four months of interruption.

Against Wimbledon, Roland Garros projects a loss of 260 million euros (R $ 1.5 billion) if the tournament is not held in 2020. The unilateral decision of the French to schedule this year's edition, originally scheduled for May, between on September 20 and October 4, the vast majority of tennis players revolted. The competition start date is scheduled for just one week after the US Open final, which is still scheduled.

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