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Notícias Nacionais / 24/10/2020

How to use social media in a healthy way in quarantine

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How to use social media in a healthy way in quarantine


In quarantine times, using social media in a healthy way is essential to keep your mind up to date. Learn how to be connected without affecting your psychological.

For a large part of the population, opening social networks is the first act at the beginning of the day, an attitude that has intensified with social isolation. However, observing the lives of people, especially those we take as an example, can become an inexhaustible source of comparisons, leading the user to a picture of sadness. But know that you can use social media in a healthy way in quarantine. See how!

Take advantage of all the tools to share knowledge

Social networks were created with a very clear objective: communication between people. So, as technology evolves, new features enter the platforms, and you can take advantage of each one. During this period, you may have noticed how much the number of daily lives has grown and even videos made for IGTV. If you have any useful knowledge, how about sharing it on video?

In fact, video is present on most social networks and has grown considerably as a communicative medium. If the problem is editing a video, know that there is already an app for editing online video on the market, Filmora9, which has settings to export the video of the correct size for each site and a series of tools to leave the production with professional aspect.

For those who do not have a computer, the tip is to download the FilmoraGo smartphone app, the same company, which has great editing features and is free. As all screens are translated into Portuguese and there are usage tips the first experience, creating your video will be easy. Regardless of the edition, the important thing is to make your knowledge available. As simple as it may seem, what you know can be of great use to other people.

Clean up who you follow

Every day, we are impacted by hundreds of people, whom we know personally or not, and who share their lifestyle on social networks. Having these models “so close” makes comparisons inevitable and the feeling of “I would be happier if I were / were like this person” is frequent.

However, the truth is that we only see on social networks what people want to share, we don't see problems, difficulties, dilemmas, in short.

So, in this quarantine period when emotions are shaken, take time out of your week to clean up who you follow. See if that influencer or acquaintance is bringing something positive into your life and, if the answer is no, stop following. At this point, it is important to keep in your network only what is good for you, whether with motivational messages, moments of relaxation or for sharing interesting information.

You don't need to be present at all

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok: these are just some of the social networks that the Brazilian public is present. However, as much as it looks like everyone is having fun on these platforms, you don't need to be present at all, especially if it affects your productivity or your psychological in any way.

The desire to create an account on a new social network may be related to FoMO, short for ‘Fear of missing out’. It is about the fear of being left out of what is happening, especially in networks. According to psychiatric studies, this need to always be connected causes patients with FoMO to have both their personal and professional lives affected. Understanding that there is often nothing to lose by not being in a network is essential to avoid the syndrome.

Consider disconnecting for a while

Often, something that looks harmless has a devastating effect on people's psychological. Social networks can be interesting tools for learning something new or being close to the ones we love, but they can also impact mental health. If you have noticed that accessing platforms of this type has not been good for your psychological, consider disconnecting for a while.

The truth is that it is useless to be connected on social networks, if in any way it affects your thoughts or the way you feel. The intention of this type of media is to cause some kind of relaxation and relaxation, not to generate more sadness or worry. With some basic care, you stay connected and keep your mind up to date!

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